What is worKing zone?

worKing zone located at Jalan Bangka Raya no. 42A, well-known as an alternative lunchbreak spot for professionals, students, housewives and people in general, while providing Coworking Space with affordable price.

P3rgola worKing zone will be the next alternative spot other than Kemang, Senopati dan Kuningan because its  strategic location and more affordable price.

The area around Bangka is a witness of how today’s big start up grew, so it become the perfect place to build a Coworking Space – and also become a new attraction for anyone who wants to find a cozy workspace and expand his/her network.

Beside the advantage of located in a culinary spot, now there is also a Barber Zone for men who want to get some rest and a fresh new haircut.

P3rgola worKing Zone offers varieties of spaces for your needs – such as Meeting Room, Private Room, Sharing Room, Event Space, Dedicated Zone and Virtual Office, equipped with internet access; printing, photocopy, and scanning service, locker, prayer room, free flow drinks and adequate parking space.

Members can also join events held in worKing space, expanding more knowledge and network.

Our Vision and Mission


Taking part in encourage growth among individual, small and medium business, becoming a trusted partner.


Providing space that able to inspire creativity, productivity, and expand network of businesses and people in general.